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I will tell you my thoughts and you tell me yours! If you made it to the point of reading this headshot photographer’s blog, then I will assume that you are serious about this. Why else would anyone read a headshot photographer’s blog unless you truly wanted to know how to get a great headshot? If you wanted to know how to get away with murder, you’d go somewhere else. Or watch Viola Davis on TGIT.

I grew up in Union, New Jersey and began my journey as a musical theater major. Soon, I was chosen to be a scout for the Elite Model Agency in New York, after which I was talent manager, a full time make up artist, and then a photographer.

I will help you read into this for a moment. I WAS A SCOUT FOR ELITE, I am backing up there for a sec, to let you know that the way you get to be a scout, is by having the ability to spot star quality.

I have that. I always have. I was 19 when I got the scouting job. It was a natural flow into talent management, as my true love was acting, and while helping models get careers launched was awesome, my passion was spotting “Emerging Artists” in the acting world, and helping them to achieve their goals.

I initially worked with children and adults (one of my kids was almost Rudy on the Cosby show, it was between my girl Jauquina and Keisha). If you have no idea who those references are let’s just say it was a huge deal. You might say where does make up fit into this profile?

I divulge that makeup was always something I was good at, and I did it full time for a few years while I thought I might go back to acting, then working as a makeup artist living on photosets led me to my true calling, which is photographing actors.

I like to teach people to take advice from qualified sources. You can’t buy eggs at a hardware store (not at this time anyway). I am a qualified source.

I have to stop here for a quick second and ask if you know, or have heard, of any headshot photographers with a background in talent management? This means that I can translate the words of managers and agents into tangible doable things. (For those of you who have a manager and/or agents you know what I mean) Yes, I am a rare and unique find.


What is it about you that deems you “someone the industry would want”?

I want you to start out clear and focused and real about your assets.

Almost 20 years ago, Amy Adams manager Stacy Boniello said to me, “Give me 4 words or phrases that describe Amy.” She said this helps her with new clients, to have a better idea of what the appropriate castings would be.

I said in no particular order…

  • ‍She’s sexy
  • She’s a fighter
  • She has a modest vulnerability with a tinge of sadness
  • She has a Mother Nature sort of an all knowing penetrating intelligence with a hint of unpredictability and mischief

I still see all those qualities in her today almost 20 years later.

So I ask you to do that come up with at least 4 words or phrases that define you. If you write them down and look at them, you will read a script and have a clearer answer as to which role you are best suited for. And it will help you and I to know what we need to see in YOUR HEADSHOT. (This is way deeper than a random “Theatrical” or “Legit” shot).

Here is something to try in the moments immediately preceding your session. My New Yorkers may gasp. But as with any actor who wants this so badly it hurts to the bottom of your soul you can forget to breathe and overthink it. Basically having a panic attack by the time you are perfectly dressed and in that final moment right as I am about to take the first picture. So, if that is you or ever was you try this.


Headshot affirmations

  • ‍I am perfect exactly as I am right now in this moment
  • I am focused
  • I am driven
  • I am abundantly talented
  • The industry needs me
  • I am a great storyteller
  • My eyes speak volumes
  • I love the camera
  • I love letting the camera see me
  • I am always me
  • I naturally find the perfect light
  • I am relaxed in front of any camera
  • I am completely myself when a camera is pointed at me
  • I live for the camera
  • My story is important
  • I am comfortable with my body right now
  • I am relaxed and hold no tension anywhere in my body
  • All my clothes are perfect
  • I am ready to receive all the good things that come from this shoot
  • I trust that I am perfectly where I am supposed to be right now

Okay, well that just happened.

#iamreadyforthis #imthegreateststariambyfar #paulgregorymeplease


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